TT Mode on the Davidson

Davidson MkV

This is the Davidson MkV in ful TT mode but regular wheels. I’d have to swap brake pads for carbon aerowheels which would take about 5mins. Swapping the rest of the bike kit actually only takes 10mins. The key is the cable splitters for the derailleurs and rear brake. I disconnect them and pull the stem and road bar off. Then I throw on the aero base bar/extensions/stem, tighten headset, connect cables. The 2 bars each have their own front brake caliper, so while I do need to undo and retighten the recessed nut i don’t need to tune the front brake. In close up pictures, you’ll see that the road bar has a front DA 7800 caliper while the aerobar has a SRAM Red caliper. I also have a second mast topper with a tri saddle positioned a bit more forward.

The trick is to use inline barrel adjusters for the 2nd bar and shifters (in this case, I mean the aerobar is the secondary and the road bar is the default setup). You need to cut the secondary’s cables and splitters very close to the default, and then use the barrel adjusters to get the secondary exactly like the default.

Davidson MkV

I haven’t actually assembled it as a fixed gear/track bike yet, but I’ve been tinkering with track handlebar setups. More later.


That head tube is the magic.

My MkV is the first Davidson with a head tube made to accept an 44mm OD internal headset.  Technically this is not an “integrated headset” since the bearings are actually housing in cups that are press-fit into the head tube rather than having bearing shoulders directly formed into the interior wall of the head tube. 

My bike is fitted with a Chris King “InSet” headset for a non-tapered steerer.

This is such an obvious idea - I’m amazed that I’ve not seen it anywhere else. 

Could I ask for a little advice? I’m looking to do something similar on a Kestrel Talon (which is actually designed as a dual purpose road/TT bike) and was wondering whether you had/have any difficulties with your set-up?  The Talon has internal cable routing so the splitters can’t be placed where you’ve put them - would there be a problem fitting them (daVinci splitters?) closer to the handlebar?

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