Triple Schwinn Tall Bike

A well-made Tall Bike from three Schwinns with a hand brake, Nexus, and LED lights.

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I’m not really sure why, but tall bikes bug me. I can appreciate the work involved in making one that works well, but they seem kind of like recumbents on acid.

I’ve dismissed them as hack jobs myself until I saw this bike—he spent considerable time on making it work with lots of details and it’s art. The welds are well done, LED lights, matching the Schwinns together, and a drivetrain that doesn’t bind up.

This looks less like, “hey I welded two bikes together” and I’m about to burden my family with a tragic head injury to a demonstration of engineer and creative talent. Not unlike the bikes we see from [Burning Man](

Not as pretty, but check [the Anachronaut!]( with a spark-shooting Van de Graaf generator attached to a BioPace crankset! That’s our all-time fav mostly because they made Biopace shoot sparks.

OK, the Anachronaut is pretty cool, I must admit. I’ve got a biopace crankset that I just took off an older Trek 520… maybe I should also make one do something cool… time to learn to weld!

Yes, part of my problem is that so many of them have that “hey I welded…” quality you mentioned. I wish there was a side view of that one.

I saw this guy riding along alki the other night from the bus when I was on my way home from work.  Really beautiful bike.  He’s done a great job with it.

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