TrekWorld 2010 is a Showstopper


Bike Hugger is on the scene at TrekWorld 2010, the company’s big roll-out of new products for press and dealers, and it’s been a great showcase of their products, like the District Carbon, a single-speed belt-driven carbon-fiber drop-bar bike (that’s a lot of hyphenated words right there) that’s a knockout.


And check this out, it’s an ANT+ Sport transmitter integrated into a chainstay, perfect for the Garmin or Powertap user. Intelligent combinations of technology like this really get me worked up.

I’m not as big on electric assist bikes, but they are an important component of a more green transportation future, and Trek’s Valencia is a nice mix of form and function.


Of course there are a ton of bikes in the Trekworld display (Trek even makes bikes for some racing teams, we hear, though we’re not sure you’ve heard of them, they’re from Kazakhstan) and we’re featuring the best of them on our Flickr page, and on Twitter @bikehugger.


What is the MSRP for the District Carbon?
I’ve never liked the Madone’s, but the 2010 models are pretty hot. Too bad they don’t sell it as a frameset only.

I can’t make comment at this time about MSRP (I work for a dealer but that info isn’t public yet).

The 2008 and 2009 Madone 5.x/6.x (OCLV Black / OCLV Red) have been available to order as a frameset only but very few dealers will stock them.  The dealer site doesn’t list the 2010 model as a frameset, but that is not to say that it won’t be available.  Trek tends to build complete bikes first then have extra frames available for sale.  Talk to your local Trek dealer about ordering a frameset, but be advised that it may not be until October/November before they are available. is reporting $3359 for the District Carbon.

Also note we rarely list prices because by the nature of what we do and the immediacy of getting the content out, the people we’re talking to don’t know what the prices are and they’re subject to change of course. Did learn that “Ray” whose Carbon Single Speed was spotted at Sea Otter (traditional media made sure we knew that) was just awarded a patent on the rear dropout. They didn’t have the District available for us to ride, but we’re working on that.

In our [Twitter chat yesterday](, Trek’s Design team told us that’s Trek’s response to the Fixed market—what they’re into and feel very strongly about.

About the electric Valencia in the picture…Is this a new offering from Trek or an aftermarket mod? I don’t see anything on Trek’s website about an electric Valencia, but maybe it is just too new.

TrekWorld is a preview of the 2010 line. The Valencia will ship as shown, as a complete bike. It runs with a Trek-licensed and redesigned Bionix system. It senses torque, speed and applies power automatically.  Check with your local Trek Dealer for pricing and availability.

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