Trek’s Custom Bikes

Apple profiles Trek and the tools they used to create their Project One experience. It’s an interesting read with quotes like, “a bike isn’t just a set of wheels. It’s an extension of bone and muscle, a projection of personality in motion. It’s not merely a machine, it’s personal.”

In the Santa Barbara photos, you can see the Project One bike Union Bay Cycling is racing on this year and, as I’ve posted before, getting personal is an alternative to an industry that’s increasingly homogenized.

trek_project_one.jpg Trek’s coasting bike, Lime, is also discussed in the profile. And I just found that Lime is blogging with updates on sightings, news, and a podcast.

Also noted on Treehugger.


In the world of custom bicycles, that’s an astounding number.

They need to qualify that a bit, since these aren’t true custom bikes. Custom paint is not a custom-built bike. I like a lot of the things that Trek does, but to say they build custom bikes is a misnomer.


I don’t disagree—they are custom paint jobs. I think you can choose the component group more, but no they’re not a custom carbon bike like a [Calfee]( or [Crumpton](

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