Trek World 2010

We’re at Trek World 2010 blogging live from the demos and later meeting with the design team. The focus for us is on their Pavement line with attention to the new eco_design, Ride+ (electic assist), and concept bikes.


Questions for Trek

We’re also talking with Trek about social media and sharing input from our readers.

What are your questions for their designers, engineers, and product managers? We’re here and they’re listening. They had lots of questions for us at dinner last night and we’re excited to show camera phone photos of The Bishop steampunk bike. Also kept trying to scare us with The Vortex of Terror – looks more the vortex of puketo us …

Follow Along


That all-carbon District Belt Drive is NICE looking.

I think the Belleville is the most promising thing.  Looks like internal gearing, but haven’t seen specs yet.

Do you like the ride of these new 29ers?

I have a Madone 6 on order, but the aluminum Top Fuel is something else that really appeals to me in 2010.  The Fisher road bikes are awesome.. but I don’t dig the paint.

Agreed—3-speed Nexus (we’ll confirm that) and we’d rate that best in show.

I wish it was also available Nexus8 or iMotion9… the hills over here in Pullman would prefer wider gearing.  I imagine Seattle is the same.

Nice you guys went to Trek world but you don’t really report anything.  Specs, Models, prices would all be nice.  Posting a closeup pic of a bike that is carbon really means nothing.  At least give us a website that has that info.

Hey Brian, thanks for your enthusiasm. Please keep in mind that TrekWorld is a mutli-day event. We didn’t just GO to TrekWorld, we’re AT TrekWorld still.

Because of the way invites work, we’ve got ONE staffer out there. (Trek only has one media person per blog in attendance.) Byron, who is live on the ground is grabbing as much info as he can, and we’ll have a long stream of posts about Trek’s 2010 lineup when he’s back.

You like to give the front of an info cycling site but your info is pretty lacking.  Post some details.  This bike has this and that and would most likely go for this much.  Your at the event.  Post a pic and the specs.  You play like your your a dealer.

Check our Flickr photoset, YouTube, and Twitter—also follow on posts next week. We won’t cover TrekWorld as a buyer’s guide. Check with your dealer for that level of detail.

I have to agree with some of the comments above - I’ve been trying to follow your Trekworld coverage all week and it’s super-confusing. There’s a bit of a bike picture here and there, and some reports about your enthusiasm about being there - but not enough about the bikes. I even spent quite a bit of time wading through your Flickr photoset, and didn’t get much further. I *even* have looked at your YouTube and Twitter accounts, and it doesn’t get much better.

Just look at what you’re telling us to do - log on to BikeHugger, then look at your Flickr account, then read your Twitter feed, then look at your Youtube channel. That’s a lot of work.

I wish you *would* cover TrekWorld as at least a bit of a buyers guide - telling us to check with our dealers is a pretty frustrating response. Yeah, my Trek dealer *might* have this information, in a few months, but by then it will be on the Trek website and I can read it for myself.

I would urge you to reconsider the way you cover these events. I’m not sure if you’re trying so hard to be “different” and “new media” that you are missing the point of actually trying to inform your online readership, or maybe Trek is asking you not to actually write about the bikes?


We covered TrekWorld the way we cover events: live, in the moment, and uploading a stream of media on Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and eventually that gels into posts. You’re seeing the event like we do and our media and posts are likely up before traditional media has written an article and got it into print or their website. It’s a massive amount of data and in a variety of places—even Facebook.

##Meanwhile Back at the Ranch##

The nature of live blogging events, is it’s one and then off, hit and run style. You’ll see that again when we visit Specialized @ Morgan Hill, the Style in Motion Weekend with Hincapie in South Carolina, and Interbike.

Once we get back to the studio and cool our blog engines off for a day or so then we follow up with posts like this [TrekWorld Innovation]( and just [uploaded a podcast]( about the ebikes.

What is encouraging is that our readers are clamoring for the information. We appreciate your effort to to tell us. Note though that we’re not a Trek-specific blog and some of our readers are likely sick of Trek already.

##Talk to Trek##

To your point and others, what we do have is a direct bat phone to Trek and suggest you and the other commenters ask us what you want to see or your questions and we’ll likely get the answers.

That’s the first time our big blog gun was aimed at Trek and they were very open and ethusiastic. It’s no secret Trek struggles to tell their stories and with some dialogue we can help that and get you the information you want. This comment and others will encourage them to talk more and a bit louder.

As to Trek and the event, they didn’t resrict us no, just at the factory and their carbon process.  But as I’ve written a few times, this event is a tradeshow. Our coverage included a parallel track with [Trek’s designers]( 

##A TrekWorld Buyer’s Guide##

Based on this input, there’s a lesson for events and tradeshows to publish an authoritative buyers guide. We’re there, doing what we do, so are the magazines. Focused, featured content is what I’m hearing you want. We appreciate that and it’s a good request. My statement regarding Buyer’s Guide is we don’t do that because the magazines do with staff to do so.

That’s not saying we couldn’t; especially at an event like TrekWorld. We’re flattered you came here looking to us for that. (Special note to media event planners: give your attendees a break in the schedule so they can write something cogent other than: gigantic downtube on Fisher bikes and they’re not just rebranded Lemonds!)

##TrekWorld Tag##

ok, after that overly-long, first-cup-of-espresso response . . . see the [TrekWorld Tag]( More informative posts will flow out this week. Please stay tuned and comment back.

stupidspringer#4a99a said:

“Just look at what you’re telling us to do - log on to BikeHugger, then look at your Flickr account, then read your Twitter feed, then look at your Youtube channel. That’s a lot of work.”

There’s a pretty cool feature in the new Bike Hugger that aggregates Hugger content from different sites on one page:

Bike Hugger Activity

And if you just want to keep up with the TrekWorld posts, you can see them together:

TrekWorld posts | TrekWorld RSS feed

Hey guys,

Not to belabor what Byron was saying, but here’s a bit of overview on how these events go, and how that shapes our coverage.

The bike companies invite the journalists out, and they get to pick how many people come from each site. In the case of the Specialized event we did, both myself and Byron were there, which allowed us to do tag-team coverage and blogging. When one person was in a meeting, the other could write to the site.

But that Specialized event was a small press-only event, and so they had us both come out.

TrekWorld is open to all their dealers, and the media, so they don’t budget as much per-site and as a result only Byron could come out. He Tweeted, Flickr’d and YouTube’d from there. Now you’re seeing the posts coming out about what he saw.

In the future, we’ll be sure to make it a bit clearer on the main page that content’ll be streaming in after the event.

We were really the only blog getting ANY news up on the site during TrekWorld 2010 and I know it’s frustrating to see a tantalizing glimpse of what’s happening while it’s going on. It was necessary to wait a few days until our posts started to show up, but at least you won’t have to wait two months for Zap’s article in Road Bike Action.

About the MSRP issues and talking to a dealer—many of these bikes are not yet priced. Trek’ll wait to see how pricing goes at Interbike and get that info to the dealers as they take 2010 pre orders. We really do want to provide you info with how much everything costs, but we also saw *hundreds* of bikes and it’s simply not possible to get the MSRP for everything we saw. But if you comment on the bikes you want more info for in this week’s postings, we’ll do what we can to get that.

In any case, message heard—we’ll let you know from now on when you can expect us to be unburied from the meetings enough to do postings about what we’re seeing there.

As a side note, we’ll be doing specific Live Chat days at Interbike this year so you’ll be able to tune in and ask us questions and see our coverage of what we liked best from the show, so you’ll know a specific time and date when we’ll have our organized coverage.

Thanks much for the enthusiasm and the feedback.

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