Trek Stop: Cycling Convenience

A stand, vending machine with some parts, and refreshments. Next up is a robot to lube your chain … like a Roomba, a lube Roomba.


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As an owner of a Roomba and a Scooba…I like your thinking…

More information would be welcome here, as would the source of the photo (blogging is journalism, after all). I would recommend to all who are interested to check out what Johnathan Maus of quotes as the source of this “story”:


We get lots of tips at hugga from readers and industry insiders—including this one—not sure what you’re implying, but thanks for noting Bicycle Design and Bike Portland coverage as well.

Also, [Aaron’s Bike Repair]( in West Seattle has had a vending machine outside his shop for a few years. And, if you paid $20.00 for a tire and it got stuck, like a Snickers bar sometimes does, imagined how pissed you’d be . . .


Thanks for the plug.  Actually, it was Gypsie’s idea.  She gets all the credit. 
We installed it for our customer’s convenience.  It has yet to pay for itself.  I guessed it will take 5 years.  But we knew it would work because people are were always coming by after hours for just a tube.

Bikestation Seattle also has one, but it is only open to members outside their regualar business hours.

No prob. What sells best out of the machine? Tubes, lube, and patches?

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