Treehugger hugs us

Alerted by a reader, I just discovered that Treehugger gave us a big hug today. Nice! And thanks, much appreciated… now I’ll get a cup o’ Joe and start responding to the comments and emails. If you’re interested in learning more about Bettie, our project to build a sport-utility bike built with a Karate Monkey 29-incher frame, Stokemonkey, and Xtracycle check the tags, galleries, and video posts

Questions on Sport-utility bikes? Fire away and also note that we’ll be blogging live at Interbike September 26, 27 2006 with all kinda posts about cycling, culture, commuting, and more.


Checkout what the nice folks at Surly built the other day.  :) 

Check the Sept. 6th post @


Thanks and I was just checking that out. Invention from necessity. I don’t know if I’d ever build it, but when we built Bettie, I thought of pulling a push mower behind it and cutting the lawn with human/hybrid electric power.

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