Trails Win!

Cool to see the front page of the Seattle paper to have 2 lead cycling-related stories.

The Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Board has overturned a law in Lake Forest Park restricting the development of the Burke Gilman Trail through their city. As the front page lead article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer states, they have been trying for years to limit trail (of thousands) in favor of the locals who live on the trail (much less than thousands).

This is my normal route home, and in the past year I’ve stopped using this route in favor of city roads. The trail condition is just too uneven, unmaintained, and unsafe. Hopefully this ruling will help to put the trail back on track.

UPDATE: The SoundOff section in cycling-related stories usually doesn’t go in our favor, but today has been a refreshing change. The vast majority of the comments are very pro-cyclist. Is it the fact that this is a trail so the “keep cyclists off the road” crowd is staying out of it, or the fact that attitudes are finally shifting? Let’s hope it’s the later.


Check out this comment in regards to cyclists who use the trail:

“BTW: The dog walking Nazis are heading up a protest on the BG this Friday afternoon between LFP and Bothell. They’ll be in groups, walking dogs on 15’ leashes, listening to ipods, stopping to chat, etc.”

I’ll be riding home across Mercer Island tomorrow instead. :)

Also, you’ll notice that our friend Mr Simpson makes the paper appear to be titled Seat Post Intelligencer. Exxxxcellent.

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