Tour of California

I think I’m as disillusioned as anyone about the sport of cycling and professional racing, but when Pam found Versus on cable here in Maui and we watched Stage One of the Tour of California, that was still entertaining and made for a good ending to a day of riding. It also reminded me that

  • With full props to Roll, I wish he we would just do featurettes and it was all Phil and Paul narrating.

  • The TOC obviously doesn’t bring the prime time camera crew, the angles were so far out, I couldn’t tell who was who at all – and the circuit camera was dizzying.

  • Are ultimate fighting men (or rather men in a cage, locked together on the mat, until one says, “Uncle”) really more popular the cycling? And Rodeo? That just makes me sad.

Damn Rock Racing and the King of Pants! Their color for this year is green! Also see Let Levi Ride, the Tour Tracker, and the TOC on Flickr.


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King of Pants is “Juice” for just this race.  They plan to change color schemes for every race they do!

The Juice, that’s what OJ called himself. And, I think Levi got cheated, but does anyone think a web petition is going to sway the UCI?

The link to the tour tracker is for last years race.  Tour Tracker is the correct link.

Thanks Jesse good catch.

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