Tour de Pints

Seattle Beer Week starts today – just last week we rode to Schooner Exact, a micro-brewery in South Park, during the Mobile Social.

Beer and bikes go together nearly as good as coffee and bikes. Peas and carrots. Ginger and Maryann. Brad and Angelina. Fixies and brakes.

The festivities during beer week include a brewery-to-brewery bike ride.


Tour de Pints Bike Ride. Meets at 11 am at Pike Brewery downtown…rolls out around 11:45. We hope to have Charles and Rosanne along for the ride. From Pike we will head to Dexter and Hayes, then to Brouwer’s Cafe. In this ride at times there will be options for those who want it to give themselves a challenge, leaving Brouwer’s is the first time for those that want to take on the feats of strength to do so. The options are the Park Pub or the Dray….we will all meet again at Naked City….then those that want to take on another feat of strength can do so and head to the Fiddler, those that don’t will head to the Duck Island…we will all meet again at the Big Time, then those that want to take on the feat of strenght will head to Smiths, those that don’t will head to Feierabend and we will all end the ride at Elysian Fields, and the 40 beers of Elysian event.


Also see Kulture Freaks @ Brouwers


A quick update with a couple of route changes.

First, Dexter Hayes is out as they open too late. No other pubs in the area, so just skipping it all together. Going from Pike striaght to Brouwer’s

Also another opening time issue with the Park Pub for the first Feat of Strength. Luckily Sully’s Snowgoose is right across the street, so we will replace the Park with Sully’s.

Sounds fun!  I wish there was a tour de pints in Huntington Beach CA.

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