Tour de France Fashion

Every year at le Tour, there’s some fashion statement: skinsuits, shoes, or ridiculous helmets. We’re just a few days into the 09, but I think Columbia-HTC’s eyewear will stand out. I’m as Euro as the next roadie, but not really digging those


Photo: Eric Gaillard/REUTERS


Aw, those are new Oakley Jawbone shades. Some Oakley riders have been wearing them since spring of 2008 (Thor, Hincapie). They’ve just been released to the public last month and the dudes at Competitive Cyclist love them (they have a hinge with exchangeable lenses).

I’d buy a pair in a heartbeat if they came in prescription.

I forgot to add: they are essentially an updated version of the crazy Racing Jackets that Hincapie used to wear, with the air vent holes in the frames and such.

The hinge is a great idea.  My Giro Havoc’s have that.  Totally makes lenses popping out at bad times a thing of the past.

Rememer those [over-the-tops]( Soo wish Cavs would wear those with a phone attached so he didn’t have to “phone it in,” he could just talk while sprinting, without even breathing hard. [Or these]( Medusa/Oakley-Medusa.jpg). Just added the Jawbones to the [Bike Hugger store](

Cycling fashion in general leaves much to be desired…

yes, it is the original Nascar style, blasted with logos and compounded by the fact that riders can have individual sponsors and they’re euros and then well, bike racers.

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