Totally Pro Junior

Lightweight wheels, Di2, skinsuit, and Aero helmet for what looks like a kid’s race lap around an office park. PRO!


Photo: Matt Simpson on Facebook.

The one next to him with the helmet covering her eyes, was likely quite upset about being out geared at that race.


Source on that photo is possibly here on Slowtwitch. Who knows on forums.


More like totally poser. The kids clearly getting ready for the Masters class!  Seriously, if you think you need a nicer bike than what most pros race on for a living you deserve to be called a fool.

already over the line…

It’s a kid, the parents maybe posers sure, but hey if someone wants to drop that much cash on a bike whatever. Could do the same with Jet Skis or motorbikes, a cabin.

And when the kid eats it in the corner because that adult sized aero helmet droops over her face ...?

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