Torker Kick Back

Visited Seattle Bike Supply HQ last week for a look at their 2011 lines, including this new Torker Kickback. This was their most interesting new bike, besides the drop-bar Alfine, and here’s a quick look at it. Steel, Sturmey Archer 2-speed Kickshift. MSRP $399.00.

New Logo, New Bike

torker_kick_back 1.jpg

A new T for transportation.


torker_kick_back 2.jpg

2-speeds with coaster brake. Kickback to hear a click and shift up or down. Kickback harder to brake.

Karate graphics

torker_kick_back 3.jpg

That’ll make a nice bike shop poster

Gear Ratios


Finally a product manager realized that many cyclists live in hilly areas and geared the bike for the flats and to climb. More photos and longer review to follow.


Agreed about the shop poster idea, but my concern is that the action that slows the bike down is the same action that you have to make when you’re panic-downshifting for a hill that was steeper than you thought.

I’d be interested to hear whether newer hilly city cyclists (i.e. Seattle) thought the gearing was too hard or whether they had problems with the shifting action or modulating the brakes without downshifting.

You lightly kickback to shift and hard kickback to brake. I don’t think it’s any more difficult than figuring out a twist shift with an internal gear that turns the opposite of what you think. I was right into it, but some cyclists will likely struggle with it. Just like getting used to Roller brakes or Drum brakes.

I love the simplicity of this bike. Any word on when it will be ready for ordering?

Check with your local bike shop—now or soon. It’s a fav of ours.

Considering getting this bike, I would love to just get a straight up photo of the bike. Any chance you can take a few good ones? There is not a whole lot of documentation online. Called my LBS, trying to get my mitts on this asap!

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