Too Euro

After putting these Carnac booties on, I thought, “hmm maybe too euro, even for me.” Lycra booties do serve a purpose in Spring weather. They keep the chill off, aero, and keep the feet drier when the roads are wet. These ones though look like Smurf boots, but at least their not White Booties


Opinions? Are these indeed too Euro or should one always embrace their inner Euro? They also totally don’t match the Modal or Hotspur.


Ah yes, I’ve remarkably had that combination as well—Smurf legs when our team kit was “blue” a few years ago. It didn’t seem as bad.

Shoe-covers: Black, or matching.  Otherwise…craiglist.

Not too Euro, gotta do what ya gotta do..

no way, those arent too euro, those are just right. Now, those neon foam deals that you hooked me up with many years ago, THOSE were too euro!

If you like it then go with it, man. Here in Palo Alto these wouldn’t get a second glance.

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