Toggling Modes

Back from Shanghai and finally, mostly over the massive jet lag, I toggled the Modal from single to geared. Despite the f’ing rain, I found that most enjoyable because there’s zen in working quietly on a bike and going out for a ride. It took me about an hour to switch and Mark does it in about 15 minutes.

A few updates:

  • Refined the process to just swapping bars; original thinking was a bar/stem combo so I could use a different stem for an urban setup. Now I just pull the faceplate and switch between single-speed bars and geared-bars using one stem.
  • With another set of DA cranks, it’s much faster to pull the crank than change out the big chainring for the chainring protector and vice-versa.
  • Getting over scratches, dings, and tweaks by rationalizing them as a “travel patina” was a good idea!


Note: The Modal is a travel bike concept that folds and toggles between single, fixed, and geared modes.


I have never seen a cassette so clean!  How did you get all the crap out of the holes even!?

de-stress man! I clean cassettes to mellow out . . .

Can you post some pics(or are there some somewhere?) of all the various components for your Modal?

Yes, much more detail is available in our [previous posts](/tag/modal) and the [Flickr gallery](

* [Performance Mode](
* [Modal Geared](
* [The Modal Bicycle Concept Explained](

“travel patina”

I just ran into the perfect term for this, by way of a Clever Cycles blog post.

“<a >Beausage</a>”. And a beautiful, useful word it is.

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