Toaster Tacos

It’s when a cyclists gets the hunger that they think of things like toaster tacos (and when your spouse isn’t around to comment on your culinary genius). Burning off calories, means you can eat more, and in fun ways. Note the toaster heats tacos up very well, just pop them up when they start to sizzle.

Toaster Tacos

I’ve ridden with cyclists that’d eat almost anything, including nacho-cheese dogs during a stop on a long ride. Others are finicky and stick to waffles and Nutella.

What’s your ride food before and after?


Serious Eats picked up our Toaster Tacos in a post and is considering it a kitchen hack.


Pub food, preferably German pub food. People’s Pub in Ballard is great after a long ride.

A few pints of dark German beer, some fried pickles, then an entree involving brats or bocks or breaded pork chops, and I’m a much happier person after I’ve put 100 miles under me. Sometimes dessert too.

I have a weakness for nachos and Pringles and after a hard ride do NOT crave anything healthy.

I agree that I don’t usually feel the need to eat healthfully post ride, I do have to keep it mild and unadventurous. I remember one Seattle-Portland when I ate a feed zone hummus and cucumber sandwich, then proceeded to barf it all over someone’s nice Cervelo TT bike going over a roller near Centralia.

Honestly, that may have been one of the most satisfying digestive misfunctions ever.

We called a guy “Hot Dog” for years after we stopped on a century ride at a MiniMart and he ate a chili dog. Later, when we were driving it over a roller, he fell of the back, puked and then came right back up the front and rode us off his wheel. Then this other time, Pam and I ate bad Balsamic vinegar the night before the State TT and both puked that on the side of the road. Don’t know if my stomach ever hurt that bad during a race. I also got attacked by bees and that TT was henceforth known as Bees and Balsamic.

It’s tales like this that keep me coming back to the bike, especially when you can tell a nube, “don’t eat Balsmic vinegar before a TT and avoid bees.”

Post-race: usually a huge burrito and a coke.

Post-training: typically 2-3 cups of milk, some chips and hummus or salsa, and later a meal.

During a ride: Clif bloks or refrigerated gels.  Accelerade, or diluted orange juice.

I love an ice cold Coca Cola Classic in a glass bottle after a hard ride or race.  I will pack the beautiful nectar in ice the night before and then add more ice in the morning.

Sometimes I like a nice chocolate malt withe a cookie at the end of a ride. 

Before a ride a cup of coffee and some granola.  During a ride a banana, my own power bar concoction (aka mini oatmeal choclate chip cookies).  During a race GU and water.

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