To Shave or Not to Shave

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Recently I went six months without shaving my legs, and it kinda feels good to be clean shaven again. I was shaving my legs before the word “metrosexual” was coined. Even before I was cycling (because I crashed much more frequently on inline speedskates). People still ask me why. I usually tell them that aerodynamics plays little part in the equation, that shaved legs are easier to clean road grime off in the shower, and of course that they’re easier to wash and bandage in the event of road rash.

But that’s all subterfuge. Why do I shave my legs? Vanity, babe…pure vanity.



Thank you for finally shaving! But now I’m concerned you maybe a cutter.

Did anyone but me initially see that photo as being much more, uh, NSFW than it turned out to be?

As someone who also goes both ways (inline speed and cycling, what the hell did you think I meant?!?!??), I’ve never shaved. But there have been one or two crashes on skates that made me wish I did.

But if yer gonna claim vanity, at least show a flexed gastrocnemius!

Well….. at least you’re honest :)

I only started shaving this winter when I started using Mad Alchemy and such. Don’t forget to tell people it’s also easier massaging good stuff into your leg muscles when there isn’t all that hair.

I love shaving my legs…pure vanity on my part, too.

But, if I could afford it, I’d get laser hair removal from my chin all the way to my toes…

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