I’m a fan of Ti. My new travel/race bike is a Ti BARON and I’m really liking the ride. I stumbled across this great new concept using some of the strength properties of Titanium for a new application. It’s a simple design really, and the inventor John Loughlin has very quickly raised $50k+ of funding on Kickstarter.com for his great new product. Anyone who has tried cutting Ti knows that idea has some legs.

I really want one once it hits production. It seems like a great fit for traveling by bike giving you confidence that your bike will be there when you return from a quick stop at the bakery.


We should feature all the bike-related projects on Kickstarter. It’s remarkable. I linked this one when it first landed and got funded in a week. Impressive; however not so sure about the design. How does it do with paint and compact frames? Besides that, I don’t lock I fold.

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