Tidal Force E-bike on Maui

I was riding in Maui, near Napili when this bike zoomed out, across the highway and ahead of me. I wouldn’t have caught it if she hadn’t stopped to get her mail. Later, she wrote us and said

“It was fun meeting you yesterday here on Maui.I just started riding my electric bike to my business, West Maui Wellness Center, and I have to be so careful. The issue here on the island is the lack of bike lanes. The lower road here on West Maui not only is sketchy, there aren’t sidewalks for the pedestrians and the bike lanes come and go. Everyone drives over the speed limit here, too.

The bike is a Tidal Force with a Wavecrest Lab’s electric motor hubs. Googling the bike resulted in news that it’s no longer imported into the USA, but from talking with Laura it sounded like it was new.

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In the US the big bicycle hub motor name is BionX. They’re a Canadian company but they export to the USA. One of my co-workers is “BionX boy” who has a BionX equipped Specialized; I occassionally mention him at my blog.

Right, but is that the same as the Wavecrest Lab? The Bionix was loved during the Dirt Demo at Interbike last year.

A friend moved away and gave me this brand new Tidal Wave Electric Force bike to sell.  It is still in the box it was shipped in. Her husband passed away and never had a chance to even take it out of the box.  I see that they are not imported anymore.  It’s for sale and I’m in Maine.  Anyone intereseted, please email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Tidal Force made the Best of the Best! Much like Exkate did with the Electric Skateboard, You can read about them at www.electricskateboardreviews.blogspot.com
as I have been using them and looking for the Tidal Force bikes as well…enjoy!

I have owned my Tidal Force S750 for three years and have put on about 800 miles (it snows here in the winter so only bike from May - October). This is the greatest bike ever, goes up steep hills like they were flat. I do peddle and have gotten up to 35 miles on one charge. The Company sold the bike to a French company in 2006, who has not yet imported to the USA.  I have had no problems with my bike except I would like to know where I can get it serviced in case I need too.

I’m wondering where I can get extra charging adaptor and replacement battery for S750, any suggestions? I’m in California.

anyone interested in a barely used tidal force M750X or S750X. I’m in PA. contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

These bikes were never imported, they were designed and put together in the US by WaveCrest Labs in Virginia, which is now defunct.

I live on the big Island and ride an http://www.ampedbikes.com kit daily.

On my way home I make a 1300’ climb back home with ease and its fun to boot!

I think we paid around $360 for mine and $380 for my wifes.

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