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This is Josh. He’s 14 (if I heard him right, I’m going to photograph him more tomorrow and get the whole scoop) and he’s a racer. And he’s more badass than I am, and more badass than a lot of racers I know.

Josh has Type 1 diabetes, which is why he’s hanging out with Team Type 1, the race team that’s raising awareness for diabetes while dealing with the disease themselves. I first ran into TT1 on a photo shoot in Santa Barbara and decided that a bunch of racers that are taking injections daily while still competing at a pro level are my new heroes.

It seems that Josh had the same idea, and he’s riding his ass off to become just like the guys on the team, and he’s racing the juniors class tomorrow.

Battenkill is a really all-American event, complete with church suppers, expo areas and kids collecting autographs at the meet-the-pros events.



When I lived in Saratoga Springs, I rode in what was then called the “Battenkill-Roubaix”, and I’ll second the notion that the Tour of Battenkill is an All-American type event. Besides all the meet-the-pro type stuff, the community races are what seal the deal. You basically ride the same course as the pros, finish on the same finishing stretch, and then get to watch the pro race.

The riding around the Leatherstocking region of New York and Vermont is just fantastic anyways. If you ever need to fall in love with cycling again, a weekend in the fall in Saratoga will fix you well. The colored leaves and rolling roads going crunch under your tyres practically screams “Huggacast”.

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