This Bike is NOT a Pipe Bomb (Again, really)

As Mark V wrote in 2006, the punk-folk band this Bike Is A Pipe Bomb has been in the news periodically for stickers on bikes that say, “this bike is a pipe bomb.” Bomb squads get called in, cyclists get arrested, and so on.


Photo: Jeff Moser/

Last week, prior to the arrival of Obama’s motorcade, the NYPD clipped locks and rounded up bikes, suspected of being bombs

The bikes were unceremoniously put in the back of the truck. Onlookers were not given information as to what would become of the bikes.


Photo: Rafcard

No word if any of those bikes had the infamous sticker on it, but cyclists were likely removing their Obama Spoke Cards. That’s if they ever got their bike backs.


While ostensibly about security, I don’t exactly mind seeing bikes cleared out once in a while.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m tired of rusted-out (less so with cheap aluminum bikes) hulks being locked up and abandoned. You wouldn’t get away with that if it was a car or a pet, and if you really don’t want the bike anymore, then put it with the garbage like you would anything else.

Go to Utrecht, or to a lesser extent, Amsterdam. It’s a problem. Tag the bike, give the owner some time to move it, and haul it away if they don’t. We can’t just have bike racks as junkyards. The streets are for the living!

Still surprised me that in AMS they have a theft problem and the dumping it in the canals problem.

Do you think that the NYPD actually consulted the president about clearing locked bicycles?  I know you’re probably just trying to make the same joke Gothamist did, but it’s kind of dumb and lazy.  Try harder Bikehugger, please….

I connected the story to this Bike is A Pipe Bomb and also Obama spoke cards. That’s politics, bikes, and related. Do you have more info or details about this incident?

Just paint the bikes white, and leave them as a memorial. I doubt they would be disturbed.

Do wonder what happened to these bikes.

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