Theophilus London: Starry Eyed

Always enjoy taking a break from the bike and interactive in Austin to listen to music from artists like Theophilus London.

Honey Badger don’t care

Theo played at the HBDC party hosted by IE 10. Microsoft also sponsored Built.

Download a remix album here. Theo is a Brooklyn underground mainstay and now shuffling on my playlists.


The bike overlaps into music too and the post is an interlude, while I recover from SXSW. As I wrote, enjoy taking a break from the bike while in AustIn and discovering new music, which I linked to for free for your drunk self. Theo put on a helluva show.

In our 6th year, we’re covering more related topics
and places we go on the bike. You saw Judd Apatow on here, right?

Hey, that was a classy answer to a rude dude. I would appreciate it if you deleted my comment altogether.

- Remorseful


You’re welcome here and I suspect other long-time readers wonder what I’m posting some times…to expand our audience, we’ve got to cover more topics that aren’t already saturated by other blogs and news site. You may have noticed we gave SRAM’s new launch no coverage, cause I was like, “what can we add to that manufactured leaked story?”


Going to leave this thread here and deleted RANTWICK’s original comment. If you’re wondering at times too, we’re covering more indirectly, or somewhat related topics about our lives with bikes.

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