The Road to Hana by Bike

In contrast to the hard work of Mr. Steepy, the road to Hana on a bike is a relaxing pleasure. That’s not to say it couldn’t be a tough day, but we rode it at a tourist pace, enjoying the curves and scenery and the more rhythmic climbs. Hana is the least developed area of Maui and a nice change from the crowded resorts.

Once every hour or so, we also appreciated our bikes even more, when a line of cars would roll by stuck behind a tourist bus with obviously frustrated drivers. We also enjoyed flying through the S-turns while they waited behind us.

hana ride


What was the total mileage for the roundtrip to Hana, and how long did it take each way?  Sounds like a good ride to me.

It’s one of the best on Maui — we didn’t ride all the way to Hana, but just down the hill to sea level past the garden of eden. It was like like 50 miles and 3:15 riding time. Hana would be an all-day ride, but well worth it and dudes certainly ride the whole island

DL - I think I had a “DL spotting” yesterday.  Were you riding heading from Lahaina to Kapalua with another rider yesterday (Dec 27th)?  I was the guy in the black kit / Bike RX -Mill Valley.  In any event… thanks for the blogs and the lifestyle.  Had a great ride around the north end and looking to do Hana tomorrow… hopefully Haleakala next week.


You did! Thanks for writing. That was me with Pam on a recovery ride before heading back to the mainland. Note this post is from last year—see the [07 reports here](/tag/maui)—we rode all the way [to Hana]( this year and back.

Did the weather hold for you? It rained on us every ride at least once and a few downpours. 2 years ago we rode Haleakala.

I would be a little wary of riding my bike through there.  The roads are really narrow and have little visibility around corners.  Some locals from Hana know every turn like the back of their hand and drive at excessive speeds.  Be really careful when biking.  If a local doesn’t clip you, think about all the tourists that aren’t looking at the road.  Dangerous stuff, but it could be fun.  I’ll leave it to those that are more experienced.

Hana Local,

Thanks for the concern and agreed—we do not recommend that ride to the novice cyclists or tourists. It’s a challenge ride and requires handling skills. Besides the drivers, you can come around a corner into a mud slider. We had zero problems with the locals. They were all courteous and even gave us little warning honks. We shared the courtesy by singling up, giving them room, and nodding as they went by.

It’s also timing. We left late afternoon when most of the tourists had already gone and came back early, before they left from Hana. At some points in the ride, we were riding faster.

I’m thinking about his ride for an upcoming maui trip.
you wouldn’t happen to have more map climb & condition details ?
Perhaps a garmin ride file ?

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