The Marginal Way

It’s odd when bicycles are classified on the city’s infrastructure as play toys so that automobiles can conveniently be driven irresponsibly. That’s what I was thinking when I saw this bicycle sign posting a limit of “6mph”. Are you kidding me? Meanwhile are cars are whipping down SW Marginal Way well over the speed limit. Coincidentally, the sign had been run over by a car.





6mph is an insanely low speed limit for bikes.  One some of my recumbents I would have had trouble staying upright at 6mph.  There is that 2mph speed limit at the terminus of the sammamish river trail at Marymoor where they are doing construction.  I walk faster than that speed regularly.

The issue is that they do no engineering and study for bikes.  Designing for good sight lines are ignored and the solution is always insanely low speed limits instead of improving cycling infrastructure.

Easy way to protest this:
Get 25 other cyclists, and ride at 6mph, swerving back and forth crazily to show just how stupid 6mph is.

The stupidest part is that there’s an active city/bike group, consultants and all—I’m sure they’re embarrassed by this.

That’s the planner’s way of saying “*pttttttbbthhth*” to you.

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