The long and winding road - Diabetes and RAAM

While the Livestrong campaign received several high-profile shots in the arm this week, another group was waging a bicycle campaign to end a disease. The races of Team Type 1 and Team Type 2 took off on the grueling Race Across America, or RAAM. TT1’s made up of a mix of pros with and without Type 1 Diabetes (often called Juvenile Diabetes, due to the onset period) while TT2 is athletes with later onset diabetes.

Both teams made it across the country, and that feat hasn’t been lost on the media. The New York Times just picked up the story in its Health section (registration required), and the piece is a nice look at the challenges faced when racing across the country while bravely managing a disease.

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Thanks for recognizing that Team Type 1 and Team Type 2 were both out there this past week.  You are correct in saying that Team Type 1 is made up of both Type 1 Diabetics and Non-diabetics, but that is not the team that raced in RAAM.  The Team that did RAAM was made up of all non professional riders WITH Type 1.  Team Type 1 Elite/ Pro sponsors this team but they do not ride with the team,  the closest that they come to riding is the amazing support crew that Mr. Eldridge ( father of founding member Joe Eldridge) put together and directed in the 5 days 9 hours and 5 minutes that they were out there.  Amazing that a non-professional team set the record,  hmm I wonder if having D has given them the edge :)

Again thanks for noticing, it’s not really about the Orbea, it’s not about the Navigator, it’s about the awareness.

Ride Strong.

I read the article Dave cited and it was confusing. Thanks for the comment and clarifying.

It’s interesting that Team Type 1 had a pro in the race last year and lost. No pros this year and they win.

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