The Hunger near Hana

Before Maui rides, I’ll eat light, ride to a banana bread stand, and fuel up. Riding back from Hana, I went a little too far, and was bonking – I ate 1/2 a loaf in about two bites and that satisfied the hunger.


Getting that hungry reminded me of various bonks and eating whatever was in sight – that includes a burger once and I don’t eat beef. What’s your worst bonk? How do you satisfy the hunger after a long ride?


I keep PB&J sandwiches in my jersey pockets. They’re perfect food for the ride, but messy if you lean against a tree.

I’m notorious for eating poorly after, during, and prior to most rides.  Once while bonking during a ride I ate a bunch of fish tacos and guzzled a beer.  Once after returning from a ride I ate 3 cheese quesadillas.  Que horror!

Fun running into to you at the Halfway to Hana shack.  I am going to talk to my club ( about a bike trip to Maui.  Riding tips would be great, if we take a trip like that.  Good riding.


This one time, I thought it was a good idea to eat some turkey jerky at a roadside stop. It was all homemade and I was like, “cowboys ate this stuff on long rides.” I don’t know that I’ve ever been more dehydrated and think the jerky absorbed the water out of my body into my gut. That was made even worse by the next stop when I gulped down a large bottle of gatorade . . . I then had a salt/sugar gut of bloat.


Nice to meet you as well. Talk to the local shops as well, they support teams that come over.

So to preface this tale… its not a cycling story of bonking but rather my first marathon. I’m about 6’2” and a tale skinny white guy. The longest run I’d done prior to race day was 15 miles so I wasn’t exactly sure what my pace should be. So at the start of the race I hung around a group of guys that were about my build and about 15-20 years older (I was 16). At the first time check, 5 miles in I was averaging 6:15 per mile. Now I’m good but I’m not that good! Needless to say around mile 21 I bonked… HARD! the last 5.2 miles I did finish, but it took me almost an hour to do so. Making my final time 4:25:00. As soon as I stumbled across the line, a friend started force feeding me snicker-doodles and candy bars until I started making sense again. In conclusion… when in doubt don’t set your pace around people who are in there prime for endurence sports, and built for the part.

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