The Future of Cycling

While the sport destroys itself with scandal after scandal, le Tour looming, and Landis coming to town later this month with his book, I couldn’t help but think these kids lining up for their race at Matava were the future of cycling.

As for the race, the boy in the red helmet was seriously under-geared and spun his little legs out, but kept falling off the pace so I stayed with him. Junior Hugga raced her first race and got 3rd.



Unlike other pro sports that really aren’t trying to deal with drug use but rather sweep them under the rug, pro cycling is publicly facing it’s drug problem. You seem to view this as “destroying itself” I see it as a thorough cleansing that will leave the sport stronger. My bet is ten years from now pro football and pro baseball will still have serious drug problems but pro cycling will be relatively clean by comparison.


I don’t disagree with that at all, I was paraphrasing what some of the pros have been saying themselves, even Riis, or the admissions. Of course I want the sport to recover, but the entire process is suspect. Baseball, Track & Field, all just as doped.

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