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Heard the chatter, talk, rumors, and various discussions about 09 Dura-Ace? So have we and a reader just sent us a link to Roues Artisanales. A tech site that’s gathered all known DA data to date in once place. And, finally!, DA is routing cables along the bar and with hoods that are Campy style or SRAM style.




Shimano has a media blackout on DA 7900 till June, and it’s Sept till we’re supposed to talk about specs on ELECTRONIC Dura Ace.  Obviously, they can’t control photos of prototypes in use with teams, but there is a book of manufacturer specs intended for big OEM builders as they decide what parts to use for there 2009 bikes.  This is where people are getting the details of DA and then leaking it. It’s not like people are breaking into a fortress or hacking the Shimano mainframe.

What you see in the sneak photos are mainly prototypes, hence the rougher finish from the CNC-milling.  Production units will have a smoother look from Shimano’s high-quality cold-forging, which is tops in the business.  By the Tour, you might see some of the early pre-production models; look for the DA logos on the metal parts.

I’ve seen the secret book.  DA 7900 will mainly be an evolution of 7800, though it’ll be pretty cool. But I’m not gonna tell you anymore than that. But trust me, I’ll be first in line.

That’s a tight grip Shimano must have to keep anything media blocked in this time of the “internets.” Even Apple suffers leaks.

oh, by blackout they mean that you’ll be on their shitlist and won’t get stuff like invites to the debut or tech centers….stuff like that. 

honestly, i want to go to those things, and I want to angle Shimano into getting me a kit early. 

do you here that, Shimano? For my group, I want a 167.5mm STANDARD double crank.

So by the time I get to build up the new 7800 group I assembled last fall, it’s obsolete—or at least no more valuable than the sum of the sweet deals and snipes I put together between eBay and Craigslist.

Oh well, anything to get away from those stupid Octalink cranks.


Normally, I just get the new group, with a new bike, but with the [Hotspur](/tag/hotspur) intended to bring “Ti back,” we’ll update to the 7900. You can usually make ok money selling the older stuff on ebay (before it got all devalued, you could do pretty well).

And, the bike industry ain’t got nothing on buying something immediately obsolete. With Apple computers, there’s never a good time to buy . . . I bought a new MBP, and the next week, newer ones came out.

I recently got to see the final production photos of both the new Dura-Ace and new Dura-Ace groups.  The cable routing is changed, and the shifters have a much sleeker, almost space age design to them.  The hoods are much longer and look like it will be much easier to brake and shift. 

Look for the first PR to start at Sea Otter.

Excellent—many racers, including myself rode with the DA hoods pointed towards the sky (Lance style, to lay out over the bars with chest spread) and pretty much like a Campy setup, and that led to numb fingers in about 20 minutes. I grudgingly had to go back to the flat with the bar setup as DA intended, and that’s what always annoyed me. That DA had “one” setup. If it’s true, that you can adjust the shifters fore and aft, then “woot!”

After riding SRAM, I doubt I’ll ever go back to Shimano or Campy.  I far prefer the definitive feel of the shifting.

Our next test bike we’ll equip with SRAM . . .

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