The Art of Gear: Paul Smith and Mercian

/images/bike1-reshoot-detailb.jpgWhether we admit it or not, gear is as much about design and fashion as it is function–we need the objects around us to look good for the same reason we need the food we eat to taste good. So I always think it’s refreshing when a gear manufacturer openly embraces the fashion side of their business–and what better way than to team with a fashion designer? That’s just what Mercian has done, joining with designer Paul Smith to roll out a line of track and touring bikes with Smith-design color schemes.

In turn, Smith uses a coat of paint to highlight those little details that distinguish artisanship.

Hat Tip: The Goat.


Wow, that would be a lifetime keeper.  I like the green one.  A touring bike WITHOUT cantilever brakes?  OK, by me.  Using the link Mercian provides to a currency converter, it comes out to 5600 US dollars.  Mercian says they ship worldwide.

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