That’s Totally Euro! anodized

In this edition of That’s Totally Euro, we’ve got anodized pulleys with matching skewers.



It would be more Euro if the anodized pulleys were on a Campagnolo derailleur.

SRAM’s ‘merican.

Where was it spotted anyway?

Sooo… what you’re really trying to say is… anodized skewers and pulleys never went out of style in europe? Man, I’m moving to europe!


Well no, see that’s the deal—SRAM is the new, new. It’s what the racer buzz is about and to get it and then swap out for anodized parts is the totally euro aspect.  Astana is riding SRAM.

Surely Astana is in Asia?

Yes, but they’re racing in Europe.


So all all the teams worth mentioning ;)

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