Testing 1,2,3

A quick teaser that we’ve got Bettie 2.0 being built right now as well as the Yuba Mundo – full tests and posts are coming soon. With two longtail, sport-utility, cargo bikes on test, maybe we’ll race them or something …



As dorky as this sounds, I am really excited to hear what you guys think about the Mundo. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to that and the Kona Ute as I intend to purchase a cargo bike this summer, but I was worried I wouldn’t know enough about the mysterious Yuba to make an informed decision.

Please allow for a detailed review (or alternately a link to a more detailed version of whatever you post).


The yuba is in my garage - almost ready to roll.  (well - it rolls now, but still a couple things needed to make it actually safe).

Any chance you’d be interested in selling the Stokemonkey?

we raced a Mundo in a duathlon…came 50th out of 150…..why is your mundo unsafe?


We’ve got a pre-production Mundo that came to us beat up from shipping and needed some work. That’s what Andrew meant. He was not saying the bike itself was not safe.

Sorry Rob - yeah, it was just missing a couple bolts to hold the frame together.  Once we got replacements it looked good.

Hi,(it’s now sept.)
Was the Mundo reviewed? If so,what is the link for that review.Thanks Tim.


Stay tuned—we’re giving it away next month with a full review . . .

Thanks DL,
Now you realize if you give the Mundo a favorable review,I’m going to go crazy trying to decide which of the 3(mundo,the X,ute) longbikes to finally get.Dammit all…he he


The 09 Mundo has made considerable improvements. We dig what Mundo is doing, but have some issues that they know about with the low-end component group and fork rake. The bike—- the model we have—rides like a cruiser bike, then under load, that makes the bike feel a bit “tippy.” That’s not a bad thing or a big flaw, it’s just a characteristic of the bike. We think (we being the three of us that rode it) cargo bikes built to carry big loads should have disc brakes: mechanical or for loads like we carry on the Bettie, hydraulic.

Quick review

* Big Dummy—awesome that you can get a factory-built Longtail for xtracycles. It address all of my concerns about the whippiness of xtracycles. I’ve transported massive loads with mine.
* Kona Ute—love it for lighter loads. It’s a grocery getter vs a cargo bike.
* Mundo—Good cargo bike that needs better components, more upright position, and disc brakes. The read end of the Mundo I think could transport a freezer.
* Gary Fischer Ranchero: Don’t know. Only seen photos.

Disclaimer: I’m a straight up, leg-shavin’ old-school roadie that’s also into cargo, folders, cross and pretty much all things bike. My roadiness demands performance in whatever I ride. I don’t like flexy, whippy, cheap stuff that doesn’t brake or accelerate well and you’ll see that in my reviews. Check [the Truvativ Hussefelt crank](http://www.flickr.com/photos/huggerindustries/2861598716/in/set-72157605034412816/) on the Bettie 2.5. That’s over-spec’d, but absolutely has NO flex. I don’t know what you could do to ever get that to flex. Same thing with the Avid Code 5 brakes—you could use those on a motorcycle.

I also live in a very hilly area of Seattle—9, 15, 18% grades so that drives much of what we’re building. I’ve come around a corner, descending with loads, and had the xtracycle’d Bettie break loose—that’s a thrill!

Your sensibilities may differ and you don’t have to have a bike perform at that level or spend that much.

Hey DL,thanks for your input on the 3 longtails.I do have one last question,if you don’t mind.On the Mundo,are the cheesy components you refer to,parts that can easily be replaced? Or is the Mundo manufactured such
that it cannot accept off the shelf parts.I’m a newbie so I don’t know for example what fork rake is and also don’t know weather disc brakes can be added readily etc.Ok again I thank you for taking time out for me/us….



You can’t add disc brakes without the tabs for them. The other parts, absolutely. The Mundo’s parts are spec’d for a price point, the euro v. the dollar, etc. We’re not criticizing the bike for that, just noting that I think bike shops and owners in the US are going to want a better spec.

If you’ve ridden a mtb and a cruiser bike that’s the difference. The Big Dummy is a long mtb bike. The Yuba is a long cruiser bike. The Ute is a long commuter/road bike

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