Tell Them How You Really Feel


I’ve often wished I could think of a way to tell motorists what I’m thinking, but I hadn’t really come up with the idea of doing a custom jersey to do it. The cyclists over at did it for me. Now the question is–which one do I buy?


I like the “Don’t run me over” one.  To me that is the heart of the issue, my life is at risk due to motorists poor driving.  Don’t kill me because of it.

I think “Don’t Honk at Me” is a sure way to get a motorist to honk at you.

I want one that says “More gas for YOU”. Maybe that would get a motorist’s attention. :)

We ride in our Bike Hugger Jersey as a ‘nuff said. I don’t need a slogan, the bike is enough for me.

I’m not much for slogans, but the “stop texting” thing is amazing :)
Except if i wore it around warsaw i’d get run over…

I’m rather partial to the slogan I created when Florida’s “3 Foot Rule” went into effect:

Think that would fit on the back of a jersey?

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