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Colnago, carbon everything, Cat 5 racer. Didn’t get to connect with the owner, but would have appreciated the obsession and mentioned that he might want to tone it down a bit on race day, as he moved through the ranks.

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I remember showing up for a club race 30 years ago on my beat up old Zeus. At the starting line was a new guy in the club riding a Colnago looking like a Cat I racer. We took off on this race (a dozen of us maybe) and I forgot about this guy. The sag wagon driver told me later that after about 10 miles, she saw him standing on the side of the road smoking a cigarette. That reinforced the obvious point that in cycle racing, it is the rider that is way more important than the bicycle.

this rider sure would like to ride a 57cm version of that bike…

That’s correct—one of the fastest guys in the Northwest raced on an old, beat-up Madone with mis-matched wheels when he started. The [domestic pro racers]( all are on the most beat up bikes you’ve seen. Those on the charity ride circuit, also ride super high-end bikes and that’s where they compete and cool with us. We spend that amount of money on bikes, just across a few of them instead of just one. But case in point, when I rode that Pro Tour bike—rocket ship it was—after the first few hills, I didn’t notice the lightness anymore just how hard [we were going](

If you have the means…then by all means show it!

It’s missing the Zero-Gravitys…

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