Team RadioShack Reactions

We’re happy for another US-based squad, another sponsor in our often marginalized sport. Bonus that they’ve partnered with Livestrong and expect a strong roster.


The reaction to Team RadioShack has ranged from “awesome” to some snark and jokes on Twitter. Some are already wondering what their kits will look like and speculation who is on the squad, including George Hincapie. Quoted in the NYTimes, George said:

“I think Lance’s team is definitely good for cycling in America because Lance brings a lot to the sport and so much more interest to the sport,” said Hincapie, a popular American rider because of his longevity in the sport. “But I’m not going there. I guess, never say never, but I’m pretty happy with where I am right now. Nope, not going.”

Twitter Reactions

@jenfairfax Kits? Black and Yellow for Livestrong or Red and White for Radio Shack?

@eduvauchelle I hope the team radioshack jerseys look better than that holding web page.

@taylorphinney I love it.

@ARTCRANK I won 7 Tours de France, and all I got was this lousy sponsorship..

What do you think?


I’d heard the rumors of a Nike team or a Oracle team, but Radio Shack was a bit of a shock. They can’t possibly be doing too strong of a business as my local Radio Shack is basically a store for cheap cellphones and knock-off ipod headphones. I’m surprised they’re ready to pony up the $25mil/year that a Lance team requires. I’m unclear on Radio Shack’s european presence, if there even is one.

I’m guessing they’ll get all the good support riders from Astana (Kloden, Popo, Chechu) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they loaded it up with americans like Horner, Leipheimer, and Hincapie. I would bet on Contador going to either case de’panne or garmin (if they could afford him and he can prove he’s racing clean).

Overall, I think any American ProTour team entry is a good thing, regardless of the sponsor.

I would care less about the sponsorship as long as Lance does well and continue his message.  I would like to add that Lance and his relationship always had style and I trust everything is going to look good and work out.  This is the same guy that sported the throwback USPS jersey earlier this decade during one of his TdF victories.

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