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Traveling a lot to ride and race bikes, I’ve always thought about a trailer, rv, camper, bus or something. Yesterday I spotted a T@B trailer on the highway and it looked cool, designy, and spiffy. There’s a bike-rack option and even better, I bet you could put two bikes inside the trailer. Check this flame paint option with the banana seat bike.



I saw one of these parked on Sandpoint near Children’s when leaving the bike expo. I thought pretty much the same thing.

I also like the small, more homebuilt looking ones… I don’t know who this guy is, but it gives you the idea: http://www.tomswenson.com/teardrop/index.shtml



Thanks for the link! That’s great stuff and agreed. I mean, I don’t know how good of a trailer and all that T@B is, but it looked nice and not like your dad’s trailers.

If any Huggers are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out our company Hardtent RV Rental.  We rent the T@B travel trailer fully equipped.  We have rented to cyclists and triathletes camping out at races.  If you think you’ve seen the T@B on the side of the road during the Tour de France, you have.  It’s European-designed.  For more details, check out our website at http://www.hardtent.com.



European design! Please tell us more about that and how many bikes can you fit in the T@B?

The T@B was created by German RV maker Tabbert, and the design has been licensed to American RV maker Thor for manufacture and sale in the US.  More information about the T@B is available from the manufacturer at http://www.tab-rv.com.

You can probably fit 2 bikes in the T@B, with the bikes stored on their sides and laid on top of each other, and I would recommend using some cushioning blankets or similar to protect the bikes and the trailer’s interior because things shift in transit. 

You could also transport the bikes on a back of the car or roof rack carrier.  There is an adapter that can be used for hitch-based carriers but some are concerned that trailering in addition to this type of carrier creates a weak link.  As you see in the photo, T@B also offers the custom bike carrier (priced at around $600).

Come check us out in the Bay Area - http://www.hardtent.com.

We own the European version of T@B and made a bike rack in front of the trailer.
This works very good!

www.tabclub.org for pictures!

Thanks Ruud. The T@B is great.

Saw a neat looking trailer that looked ideal for a trice retired, single individual. Bright yellow with the letters T@B on the back. US 72 Highway in NE Mississippi. I’m definitely checking and sharing any information with my friends.

They’re cool and we’ve seen lots more.

I don’t have a T@b, but I do have the T@da; the larger more potato shaped version of the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  The bike rack is the same for both and will hold two bikes.  The downside of this bike rack is the $500.00 (usd) price tag.  Its not terribly difficult to install, but will take the better part of an afternoon.

Thanks for the update Carla. I’m seeing more of these out there.

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