Talk to Trek Bikes: Mike Pfaltzgraff

Following up on our visit earlier this year to Trek during TrekWorld, Mike Pfaltzgraff will take your questions starting tonight and tomorrow. Mike is the man at Trek, designing all the graphics for the Team Bikes, Lance’s specialty bikes, the Team Shack bike, and more.

Pretty much, if you’ve seen something cool from Trek Bikes in the past 3 years, it involved Mike’s artwork. Like this Madone.

Team RadioShack Madone


Everyone is busy with the holidays, so we’re extending this Q/A into next week. Keep those questions coming in.


Ask your questions here or on Twitter and we’ll forward them onto Trek Bikes HQ. Then Mike will videotape his response and we’ll send the video out on the Interwebs for you. Cool.

Photo of Mike uploaded by LimitedHype.


How do you start conceptualizing the look of a team bike like Radio Shack. There so little space and yet you seem to be hit everything right on the Money.

Where is the Bishop!?

1. Where did you get that killer t-shirt?
2. How many waffles did I eat this morning?
3. Are you hiring?
4. Do I look fat in these bib shorts?
5. Approximately how many rounds of revisions went in to that Shack bike?
6. I know some people who design kits if you are ever in need of assistance. Not that you are. Just sayin.

Do you ever work with the ID team during the development process for a new frame, or does the graphics/ paint scheme come after the form has been completed?

1- Once you have the design in the computer, how do you paint the protos
2- How do you get the approval of the design, who is envolved in the decision
3- Which ones are your inspiration products

Is Klein colors coming back to the MTB line?

Why the Trek circle logo of Alpha/OLCV WHITE/BLACK/RED looks like a condo.m?

Do Trek paint it’s frame to match the suspension forks (MTB) or Trek order special paint scheme on the Forks?

What paint do Trek use? Powdercoat? Anodized? Why not advertise that?

Thank you.

I’m currently studying for my graphic design degree.  After which i would love to pursue a career at a major bike company.  Whats the next step?

when do we get some answers?

See the update above. We extended this into next week with all the holiday parties and shopping. Trek has already responded to the first questions and editing video. Watch for another update and a post from us with video.

Thanx.  Looking forward to it!

what’s your background?
what got you interested in bike graphics?
how’d you get the gig?
what inspires you?


Sorry for the delay here. Trek is working this on their side.

hey DL. Did trek ever get back to you and aswer any of the questions above? Im trying to write a Thesis on graphics in the bike industry and i’d love something on the subject. Do you know if there’s any lit out there on this? any other advice, sites, people to talk to, books etc?



No. After this post, we fell off Trek’s Most Favored Media list and never heard back.

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