Swipe to Reveal Magic

We were working on the best way to organize iPhone screens with the new iOS4 and realized we could make some art. Each successive swipe reveals more of the background wallpaper.

The photo is a clay wall with a magician poster that we shot last year in India during the Mobile Social Worldwide.

Swipe 1

Swipe to Reveal Poster 1

Swipe 2

Swipe to Reveal Poster 2

Swipe 3

Swipe to Reveal Poster 3

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the dreeping set on Flickr.

We’ll have more on iOS4 and the iPhone 4 here and on Mac Create.


As an Android fan, I have to say that’s a pretty neat feature—I just don’t use it as much on the Nexus One because you don’t have to organize your apps into homescreens.

Thanks and agreed—the drop an icon onto another icon to make a grouping, it’s really UI fantastic, Apple or not. That’s not shown here, but still cool. To do this, I chose the image then dragged and scaled it into position on the screen in the edit wallpaper screen.

Sometimes I think I’m on AppleHugger or something…

That’s be posts about Red Delicious or Fuji

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