Support your Local Bike Shop this season

The economy sucks and everyone is trying to save a buck here and there. I’ve talked with a couple different small bike shop owners lately and the impact has been huge - like maybe forced to go out of business huge.

I’m not sure how many of you see your LBS owners driving their Jaguars around town (none), but I can tell you it’s the rare shop owner that makes a truly solid living from the venture. It’s a labor of love. A love that we all share - so stop in and pick up that item that is $5 cheaper on from your LBS. Get your loved ones stocking stuffers from the shop (hats/socks/walking lights) even if they aren’t riders themselves. You’ll appreciate it when there’s a shop to go to when you need that brake cable at 6pm the night before your next century ride.

Shop owners: Am I wrong? Are you all pulling in the 6 figure take home incomes?


The owner of the last bike shop I worked for sold his Jaguar and replaced it with an Acura NSX.

This was back in the early 90s, though. He’s since sold the shop to someone else.

I always do my best to support my locals; bike shops and otherwise.

The main problem of the bike shop owner is that the system is dominated on the supply side by just a few extremely large companies. 

In this regard, the bike industry is not a whole lot different from the auto industry.

As bikes and bike parts are mainly sourced through these large companies (who tightly control pricing), bikes shops have extremely small profit margins.

Most bike shops work hard to find other, more profitable sources of income such as repairs and bike fittings.

I totally agree with you on supporting the local bike shop. Here in the Netherlands there are just a handful of recumbent cycle shops, one of which is fortunately in my neighbourhood

Having always been interested in recumbent cycling, only last week I converted my interest into buying a very cool and cost effective FWD low racer, the Dutch RaptoBike). I preferred buying from the shop, as I will sometimes need their service for maintenance. And they’re really friendly people too.

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