Summer Sale and New Products from Biologic

The Summer Solstice and naked bike ride are a week away, but we’re ready now! All of our gear on is on sale, including blowout pricing on our Hoodies for $14.99. Shop direct with Amazon or our Store page.

We also just added the full Think Biologic line to our store, including gear like this insulated flask for $24.99.


It fits bottle cages.


So I thought “what a good idea this insulated flask is! Imma going to Amazon to buy me one!”. Got as far as the checkout only to realise that the postage cost more than the item.

Everything has to cost double to three times as much in Australia. FML. I guess I"ll just have to find something here.

That’s correct. Shipping is very expensive; especially with a delivery confirmation required. Sorry it didn’t work out.

Those Biologic flasks are VERY good, keeps coffee lip-burning hot for a couple of hours.  I’m in the UK and they are worth the air freight costs. ;-)



I burned the @#$% out of my mouth and tongue with one—HOURS after I poured the coffee. It comes with a warning label and fits the bottle cage very well. Also the price was just reduced.

@Cate and David we have to ship Priority or UPS, Fedex abroad to ensure it’s delivered and confirmed. That’s to meet Amazon’s customer satisfactions requirements. That triples the cost.

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