Strategic Visual Map for Hugga 2.0

Working with Patti Dobrowolski, Alchemy, on visually mapping out our strategy in 09 and for Hugga 2.0. This video is a peek inside the creative thinking going on at Hugga HQ, our approach to Social Media, and part of what I’ll talk about next week at Web Design World Boston.

This should prove far more useful than the humorous look inside Bike Hugger’s Brain and our Degrees of Hugga chart.

Degrees of Hugga What’s particularly useful is Patti’s techniques allowed us to just talk out where we are, want to go, and the steps to get there – we visualized all those thoughts and can see them on paper. She helped us illustrate the issues, goals, and highlighted what we think is important.

The visual map shows that we’ve built much momentum with the blog, retail, and our Mobile Socials – thanks to our readers we’ve had outstanding growth. We want to build on that and continue with more unique products (just released our Wool T), events and publishing content you want to read. I’ll talk more about Hugga 2.0 when we publish our new design in the next few weeks.

What does Hugga 2.0 Look like?


Until then, please tell us what you think about our next version of Hugga? More Cargo posts? More commuter? Bike racing? And what goods would you like us to sell?


I just love doing these visual strategy maps for clients . . . though Patti’s obviously better at graphics than I am ;-)

In terms of where you should be in the Degrees of Hugga chart . . . it depends! For myself, I love it all, but it might help clarify your message to the Big Wide World if you focus more on one group than another. This tends to make your customers self-selecting, so you don’t have to work so hard to get ‘em though the door.


Really digging the visual-social mapping you have going on there with Patti.

I see that this was not some simple sketch, but a well thought out and designed process. I think I’ll try employing that technique myself.

Its kind of hard for me to read all the text during the video. Maybe post some shots in a flickr folder - then I can critique it a bit more. But for starts I wouldn’t mind seeing more with how Hugga will be helping funders/sponsors (on the far right of the visualization).

Making money on the net through the bicycle industry is my biggest problem - and where I spend most of my time thinking/dreaming.


Agreed on Pattie, as I Twitted

> In the design business, I’m old school, been around for I think too long, and was impressed today with @PDobrowolski ‘s creativity.

That was mostly listening to me ramble off all the various ideas and thinking about Hugga 2.0 and drafting it as I talked. A big problem we’re trying to solve is the *stream of conscious* inherent to blogs—the home page is showing the current posts and it’s not easy to bubble up the thousands of posts in the archives. We want to become more of a content resource for topics like [Cyclocross](/cyclocrosstips) and [Longtails](/longtails).

Good point on where the focus is. As a long-time blogger, I know that you’ve got to just start putting content out there and see what works. It’s a shotgun approach. For example, we just had fun with our Cross videos and then started hearing how good they were. With more thought, we prolly should’ve promoted those more.

> Making money on the net through the bicycle industry is my biggest problem . . .

That’s the consensus of the other bike bloggers as well! From the larger perspective and the work we do with clients at Textura Design (publisher of Bike Hugger), it’s to think in terms of branding, social media marketing, and less about ad impressions and click through—place products instead of ads.

I think our growth is based in bike culture, but has to extend out into other active lifestyles.

I think Patti has displayed the principles of The Grove to a tee…

Nice work Patti

> [@jromeh]( said on Twitter: seems pulling subjects up to site nav or new top of page menu might do it, then these lead to subject.bikehugger subdomains

Totally agree with the comment and a reason we bubbled up our [Cyclocross Tips](/cyclocrosstips) at the site root. I’m unsure if subdomains are better than ./ for Google, but we need to create these “collections of content.” Also just did it for our posts on [Longtails](/longtails)

Wonderful sketching!

There’s already some top CX stuff on here.

Naturally, I like bike commute stuff. And keep on with the cargo bike stuff.

Products? How about some Hugga branded Action Wipes?

Hugga Wipes with Fresh Mist . . . for your post ride pleasure.

Over at QuickRelease, Carlton Reid posts on a study showing that young people think cars are cooler than bikes (“I’m kooky, I cycle”):

We need less kooks like me (and you?), and more normal people on bikes. This won’t happen by marketing cycling as “cool”. Cycling needs to be seen as normal. This will take time. And this time is coming.

I think the Hugger is about bringing biking to those normal people. I think I may disagree with Carlton on the value of cool—I think cool can be the gateway that brings people into cycling—but his central thesis is spot on.

Mud Flaps, baby. MUD FLAPS!

To the tune of “Love Shack.” (B-52s)

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