STP: Silly Tyvek Pullover

Don’t get me wrong, I love STP. But the Tyvek jacket, not so much. I’m in the minority, it seems, as several thousand STPers will ride out of Husky Stadium at the crack of dawn tomorrow, many of them proudly wearing their new paper coats as they take off for Portland.

The Tyvek jacket serves a purpose, sure. It’s lightweight, breaks the wind, keeps in some heat, and squishes up small enough to tuck into a cycling jersey. But they also crackle like paper if you’re riding faster than 12 mph and are not remotely flattering on any body type. Frankly, I can’t stand them.

A note to the powers-that-be at Cascade - I’d rather be able to opt-out of the paper coat at the time of registration and see my money be put to better use as a donation to the education foundation.


Cascade could sponsor an art project to wrap a new build house in old Tyvek jackets or a make a sail for a wind-powered cargo bike.

The Tyvek works well to boot a blown-out tire in a pinch - even better than a dollar bill.

Tyvek? Are you kidding. This is the same material used for “Poopy Suits” for sanitation workers as well as HAZMAT clean-up teams.  This stuff is water proof and air tight. A rider will sweat his/her balls/boobs off in a matter of 10 minutes. Who’s silly idea was that?

@ Rod:

The jackets have mesh vents on the side, so there is some breathability at the expense of absolute water proofness.

@ Kelli:

They actually did give you the option this year of opting out of the tyvek jacket. I chose to not receive one this year because I realized i NEVER wear the one I got a few years ago. Maybe if the graphics were a little more subtle I’d use it for something, but until that day…

Oh yea, that is exciting.  The two years that I did ride, I ended up donating my paper jacket.  I’ll be excited to check the “no thank you” box next year on my registration form.

You could opt out. There was a check box on the online registration form, which I eagerly UN-CHECKED because I agree, the jacket’s are hideous.

Apparently the check box was missed by many, as I have heard similar comments from other folks I know. I was proud to ride the STP, and prouder yet to say that I did not receive one of Cascade’s ghastly Tyvek jackets.

Cascade: Thanks for a great event, but seriously about the jackets….

Maybe we should just do that, start collection STP jackets for a mural.

I’ll donate mine for a mural or urban art project.

It won’t get much use in the bottom of my underwear drawer.

We’re planning now for a Fall Art Project—no details yet as we’re still seeing what we can do—and I’ll add “STP Jacket Mural to the list.” While we’re having fun with those, that could be really cool.

Yep, it’s true. You can opt-out of the jacket. On the other side of the coin, there are riders who are grateful to have it when the weather turns nasty. You might be surprised that for every rider who hates the jacket there is one who loves the jacket. To each his/her own, eh? And yes, the jackets had full mesh along the sides and under the arms.

Glad everyone enjoyed the event, jacket or no.

I agree that it’s an example of bad fashion. Very corporate, generic, politically correct example of the “escaped circus clown” school of design. Design review and criteria driven by a large committee, intended to not offend anyone, and as such driven down to the lowest common denominator.

The masses still like them. Maybe I’ll wear mine in 20 years when it (and me) is vintage.

I looked at maybe a thousand jerseys on the STP and saw very few that I thought were worth owning in terms of graphics.

I’d like to design some simple, funny, engaging, provocative jerseys. Will have to settle for T-shirts due to custom printing costs.

Did you see any hugga jerseys?

I was mostly in pacelines and didn’t see much except the person in front of me.

I saw a man with a parrot on his wrist at a rest stop, but it turned out I was hallucinating and it was just a sandwich he was holding. I asked him if I could pet the parrot, and he said “it’s a sandwich”. I told him that was OK and could I pet it anyway.

Wait a sec . . . you mean pacelines, like pelotons, and what roadies would do? Implying that STP is a race and it brings out the competition?

I cannot believe that a post about silly jackets has sparked such conversation.  For the record, I was unaware that this year one could opt-out of the Tyvek jacket.  Sadly, I didn’t ride this year and the previous two years did not allow such an opt-out option.

Next year, Hugga should sponsor a team; complete with our own green, yellow and polka-dot jerseys.  Just because it isn’t a race, doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun and pretend.

I saw no hugga-kits anywhere, pacelines or no.

And I saw a lot of riders this year. I got to ride with the “flat patrol” (you get to carry a musette bag full of three dozen replacement tubes, a trusty Park Tool TL-10 and a PMP-5 frame pump… while you fix flats for the newbies who don’t know how to change tires and the triathletes who think it’s cool to have a CO2 on their seatpost hydration center, but won’t carry an innertube or flat kit).

Funny thing about the tyvek jackets and flats: A lot of riders would carry the jacket “in case it rained”, but wouldn’t carry a rescue tool or necessities to change a flat because “it weighs too much”. *sigh*

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