Staying Caffeinated

Coffee and cycling go together, always have, and I travel with my own grind and french press to make sure wherever I am, I’m fully caffeinated. I use a Bodum travel press and it works great.

Now, I just discovered the Aerobie AeroPress and it looks a little big for travel (would work in the Scicon bag), but I bet makes one mean cuppa joe. It’s a french press with a filter and air pressure.


I’ve been using the AeroPress for a few months, and I highly recommend it. It quickly makes a great cup of coffee. The actual brewing time is only about 20 seconds — long enough to extract all of the flavor, but too short to gain any bitterness. So it’s also a lot quicker than a press pot.

Field test please. I saw this recently in Sweden and was very interested—they do terrible things to coffee in Scandinavia.

I was close to getting one, except, being Sweden, it was like $5000 US.

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