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This photo shows an old, way-old flyer for the Raingo Stay dry rain shield system. I’ve googled and can’t find this system, but it could inspire some SUB riders to develop their own. As much as I love Bettie, she’s a cold ride, on a cold day. It’s sitting upright, high on the bike, with your face in the wind and rain.

I also like the Jetsons aesthetic of the stay dry rain shield. Also, noting how it’d really pick up a tailwind and conversely a head wind.



Excellent—you must have strong Google foo as I tried several ways to find that. Have you seen a Raingo out in the wild?

Apparently, the company that produced it is out of business. The patent is available at the US Patent Office website so with that you could probably make a good go of building one yourself.

United States Patent 4,045,077
Inventors: DeVone; James Milton (Durham, NC)
August 30, 1977


I remember this one - the inventor himself brought one into my shop so that we could try it out.  We had it for a month, and decided not to carry it.  It’s well designed, but much more cumbersome than the rewards would justify.  Headwinds are not a problem, as it is a well designed fairing from that direction.  Sidewinds are awful, and the whole thing flexes and bounces with every bump in the road.  For me, the worst aspect was the claustrophobic “sealed off” feeling caused by the side windows.  The sound of my own breathing echoed unnaturally inside, and the audible traffic cues that I rely on for maximum awareness were muffled and indistinct.  It was like riding inside a diving bell.  Looking at the bulk, set up hassle, cost, “bubble effect,” and general goofiness (usually a plus for me) in comparison to the advantages led everyone we showed it to to conclude that it was just not worth it. Something more minimal might be good.  Have you checked ? They mostly make fairings for recumbents, but they should have some for “normal” bikes, too.  Also, there is  It might seem that these would give little protection from the rain, but the effect of establishing an “envelope” at speed can be astonishing.  Makes a huge difference in headwinds, too.

I prefer the term Kung Google, sounds more aggressive ;)

The whole thing about putting yourself in a bubble is a little counter intuitive to riding a bike, a bike is supposed to get you out.

That said I have sympathy for bikers who commute daily and having a bubble in your bag of tricks may not be a bad thing.

How about a sunshade version without the side panels, this would be good for bikers wanting a little UV protection and wind cooling at the same time.


  The RainGo was my invention.  There is no enforceable patent.  Mr. Devone got his RainGo from me - over the net!  Lotsa e-mails to prove it.

  I’ve got many pole sets left but no skins.  The polesets are still (of course) Easton aircraft 7075 alu.  My stupid marketing idea was to have a lifetime guarantee. I would charge you an arm and a leg to get a box out of storage.

  I withdrew from this project from lack of marketing experience and I may pull it out in the future.  I would include a “SunGo” alternate skin.

  If anyone would like to run with it all I would require is true acknowledgment of the idea.

Bob. My ph# is on the listed web page.

First, of ALL, I conceived of the “Bicyle Canopy”(AKA:  “Bike Top”, “Cycle Top”, etc)in the 1960’s.  And, it was “Reduced To Practice” in the 1970’s (Currently, 2009:See, “Autographed Jet Magazine”;;; and Dun & Bradstreet, to see if I am “Out of Business”).  The name listed for the erroneous,“libelous” statement is “Robert Dierker”, supposively, the “Producer” of “RainGo”.

You will see at “Ebay” what I mean about being in business as an “Inventor” and “Manufacturer”, having been listed in the United States Department of Commerce’s 1977&1978; “International Franchise Opportunities Directory” and, in
“Entreprenuer Magazine, July, 1982”.

As you will find at “Ebay”, the information at “Autographed Jet Magazine” informs the public about other “James DeVone,Sr” inventions which include “”
evidenced by documents even at MAJOR universities regarding, who the “Original” Inventor is, and who has LEGAL ENFORCIBLE, “LICENSING” RIGHTS”, inasmuch as, I have won cases against a MAJOR UTILITIES COMPANY and have carried municipal
governmental employees all of the way to the United States Supreme Court, MYSELF, as a “Pro Se” Litigant, I would have NO PROBLEM with “LIBEL and SLANDER”.

Therefore, if anyone should have any further questions or would like LEGAL LICENSES “To make, use and sell” any of my products, and like breathing “Clean Air” and would like to help the “Polar Bears” stay in the North Pole” (near Canada, where “Robert Dierker” originates), my email address is:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

James M. DeVone, Sr.


  Yeah, OK guys, if you want information there’s lots of it.  e-mail me at bobnowires(at) It’s about time commuters had a real choice.

  Look, take a look at DeVone’s patent - really - ask me for a scan of my copy.  Now find him and ask him how many he sold.  I sold quite a few RainGo. 

  I liked Val’s comments.  At least he was honest - not like this other guy.

  “Sidewinds are awful, and the whole thing flexes and bounces with every bump in the road.”  Gusts from the side do take some getting used to but not a safety concern, and if Val can come up with another way to stay dry in a suit I’d like to see it.  The bouncing is to shake the rain off.  I’m not sure if Val got a chance to actually ride in the rain.  This is about rain guys, rain.  How long can you stand at a traffic light using a zipper?

  The “bubble effect” is there, yup.  Again - this is about rain.  Any idea how many people have said - “wow” this month?  LOTS!  These people were soaking wet, by the way - this stuff goes over like a lead balloon when the sun comes out.

  I guess I should mention a few other things…  The below is taken from the USPTO office: “For applications filed on or after June 8, 1995, utility and plant patents are granted for a term which begins with the date of the grant and usually ends 20 years from the date you first applied for the patent subject to the payment of appropriate maintenance fees. Design patents last 14 years from the date you are granted the patent.”

  Also, I did apply to the USPTO, submitted my prior art search wich included DeVones patent for his table on top of a bicycle, and the USPTO found my application to be unique.  My application # was 08/995,881.

  Why Geis put down DeVone’s patent # is a real question.  DeVone’s table top has no significant resemblance to RainGo.

Bob 604-440-0860

I am very interested in getting one of these. i ride to work everyday and use my bicycle to go to socialise too. How much would it cost in £ to buy one of these. Please reply as this is drivng me insane. (Been searching for over 2 years)

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