Start the new year off right

For those of us not in Maui (and in the real world) how about a little challenge? I start most years off trying to see how long I can go riding every day. Last year I made it until mid-February before a work trip derailed my streak. It doesn’t have to be much - some days I just hop on the trainer for 30 minutes to watch a TV show. Most days my commute does the trick, but getting in the longer rides on the weekends can sometimes be hard to get inspired for when it’s like this outside. Any takers?



I accept the challenge!
I also like this idea because it is one more thing that inspires me to ride more.
I do not make New Years resolutions but I am going to consider this mine for 2007.
I will let you know how long I can make it happen.



It’s strange how my getting a ride in turned into a just a part of my day when I really focused on it.  So nice to think not so much “if” I get a ride in, but “when”, “where”, and “how long”.

No I know why you consistently drop me! You ride everyday!

Depends on what you mean by “ride”.  I commute to work by bike every single day, but it’s only a couple of miles.  Plus I usually get out at least for a quirk jaunt both days of the weekend.  If this weather keeps up it shouldn’t be a big problem.  I actually can’t remember the last time it was below freezing here (in Toronto)!

My new routine for the new year is to get up a little earlier every day for a 30 minute spin on my trainer.  It’s not really a resolution, but it just made sense to start training this time of the year after having a lazy Fall.  Hopefully once the weather (and sunrise time) I’ll be able to get outside for a spin around downtown instead, but having the trainer right in my apartment is so convenient (albeit boring as hell).

I’ll leave the definition of a ride up to you.  It’s not a quantity thing - more about making biking a habit or an integral part of your day.  I wish I had a camera for this morning’s ride.  Sunrise was red over Mt. Rainier and a calm Lake Washington. 

Sounds fun, I’m in

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