SRAM replacement brake hoods

For the hopelessly vain among SRAM users, the company offers replacement hoods in a variety of colours for their Double Tap levers. Unlike some other aftermarket hood manufacturers, these candied lever cozies are genuine issue, identical in every way but hue to the originals. Unfortunately, the more interesting colours are only available with SRAM’s own soft foam bar tape (“Super Cork”), and since my vanity is only exceeded by bar tape snobbery, I’ll probably toss the tape. Or not. I’m still waiting for the SRAM Rival to put on my mini velo Gios, so I have plenty of time to flip flop on the decision.

SRAM replacement hoods and Super Cork tape retail as a set for $40, and will fit Rival, Force, and Red levers. Current colours available are white, red, black, yellow, and pink.

SRAM pink hoods.jpg

If SRAM asked you to decide the next colour, what would your choice be? I’m thinking Astana blue would be good.


Green. Not Bianchi green (celeste) but more like forest green, or Mexican flag green. Always been wanting green tape, or now, green hoods.

I’m still waiting.

Astana blue would make too much sense.  Why not the classic gum/natural color with top-entry brake cable routing?

It’s not just for the vain. I saw a bike painted with cow spots and it used the pink hoods to great effect.

I’m sticking with my stock black hoods, but you’re right- there’s a total lack of a blue palette color. I wouldn’t mind seeing a nice seattle green color either, maybe even bikehugger green?

Oh, Astana blue!  I just watched Stage 1 of the Tour of California right here in my town of Davis! 

But Green or Blue are both the tops!

Or, forgo the cork tape altogether and take your choice of 14 different color choices by getting HUDZ instead of the SRAM replacements…

I second a green—like kelly green, neither too light nor too dark.  It’s the one color missing from a lot of bike palettes.

we tried the DA-style Hudz, and it was thumbs down.  It didn’t fit as well on the lever body, and the extra “anatomic” grip was uncomfortable and unwanted.  Supposedly the SRAM and Campy models don’t have that extra material, but for small-hand me, I don’t want anything extra.

If Hudz wants to toss Bike Hugger a celeste SRAM hood pair, I’d be willing to give them a second chance review, but I’m not spending my own money on them.

The other Hudz problem was the thickness of the hood. SRAM, Shimano, Campy all have relatively thick rubber compounds and the hoodz are much thinner.

I second the vote for natural/gum rubber.

Yeah, I just got a set of Hudz for my SRAM Red levers but took them off almost immediately.  They’re pointy at the top and have just a little extra material that doesn’t have the same feel as the SRAM hoods.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get them flush with the levers.  Pay the extra $15 and go with SRAM factory.

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