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Our neighbor Tom, and fellow sport-utility biker, brought home a total garage sale score with his Xtracycle.

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The best part is that he lives at the top of a 15% grade hill.  Tom, how did you do that without a stokemonkey?

The key to garage sale-ing by Xtracycle is to start at the top of the hill and work your way down hill. Honestly though, that bike case didn’t weigh nearly as much as my daughter Veronica (45 lbs.) and I haul her up the hill all the time. The guy who sold me the case asked if I was going to come back later with a car to pick it up. I looked him in the eye and asked “why would I do that?” and proceeded to load it and Veronica onto the Xtracycle.

you could take that further and have a bike in the Serfas to unload, assemble, and ride at a group ride or something


Found your blog through a “garage sale” search and thought you might be interested in entering my garage-sale themed contest.  Lots of good tips on getting good finds like your neighbor got with this!  :)

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