Spokeless Bicycle

It seems Alex Pong’s Magic Motorcycle is destined for re-engineering again and again, since Cannodale never made it. This was posted a couple months ago on Reddit and also picked up by Gizmodo.


but they didn’t make the connection to Pong’s bike and this time it’s updated by Yale Engineering students.



It’s the neverending search for solutions to problems that don’t exist.

Of course, I said that about front derailers last week, and had to use the 39t today because the fixing bolt was stripped.

Before the Yalies got there’s out the door, a trio of Penn State students revealed their spokeless recumbent trike.


actually the pong bike and this bike share very little in common.  the pong bike was entirely machined out of billet aluminium, while the bike above is made from manipulated/welded sheet, not too far unlike many mtb bikes such as Intense.  also the pong bike was full-suspension…or at least made to look like fs (i don’t recall that there ever was a working example).  main distinguishing feature of the bike above is the apparent lack of spokes.  in truth, the hub has been expanded out to the diameter of the rim, such that there is no need for spokes to bridge the distance from the hub axle to the rim. 
even so, this “spokeless wheel” is far from unique; this idea always makes its way into some design magazine every five years and makes it to the consumer every NEVER. 
besides the unlikelihood of practical product, the pong bike and the bike above most likely share an excessive weight problem.

The shapes are similar, as with many other concept bikes—it’s the top-tube arc.  V. something like this, which is [a bottom-tube swoop](http://community.bikehugger.com/entry/6a00d834533a7a69e20133ed167ea4970b).

I don’t really see much similarity either…aside from CNCed aluminum parts and the bare metal finishes. The Pong design was (and still is) pretty slick looking, even if it was never anything more than a concept bike in the eyes of Cannondale. The Yale bike just looks strange. I know it was designed by a bunch of engineering students so I won’t pick on it too much, but the lines of that bike just look awkward…kind of like a crude robotic version of the Bowden Spacelander.

my commentary wasn’t so literal, most concepts are always like this being concepts.

Spokeless wheels and CVTs for bikes are problematic solutions to problems we already solved 100 years ago.

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