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High-rez photos and video from Specialized’s Turbo launch are lightboxed on G+ and Flickr with video on YouTube. As posted earlier today, we weren’t at the launch, but got a call from Valencia with a quick debriefing. If you’ve followed us for long, you know this is the type of e-bike we’ve been insisting on for years.

Cyclelicious, Bicycle Design are discussing the Turbo and see Geir Anders Ørslien’s post first ride report.

Let’s get the price out of the way, it’s $5499.00 Euro and there are no immediate plans to import the Turbo to the States. Specialized’s mini site is up where you can peruse all the spec’s. Like

  • Incredibly burly yet sleek and racy alloy frame with performance geo designed for high-speed riding with tapered head tube, fully-integrated down tube battery, internal routing, thru-axle dropouts and full fender/rack mounts.

  • Oversized alloy fork with tapered 1-1/8” to 1-1/2” steerer and Q15 thru-axle dropout is strong and responsive—even at 45kph.

  • Magura MT Carbon hydraulic brakes with carbon levers/clamps and 180mm rotors provide huge braking power and great modulation; provide regenerative charge to battery when engaged.

  • Direct Drive rear hub motor provides uber efficient power directly where it counts—at the rear wheel—for maximum push and efficiency at both full Turbo speed and on slow hill climbs.

  • Wireless interface unit with illuminated display to show assist level, battery status, light on/off switch as well as normal bike computer features like speed, time and distance. Illuminated grip remote switch to adjust power level.

  • Finest quality Li-Ion battery, optimized for our specific motor, pulls maximum power from each cell for outstanding performance and highest efficiency; 342Wh capacity, specific internal cooling system, superfast charging times.

Importantly, this bike doesn’t license the Bionix system and was designed entirely by Specialized. From the photos, it looks like it’s a Sirrus with the battery in the down tube and also a motorized drivetrain. That’s instead of a hub that either pushes or pulls you around.

Here’s a video with Marc Faude from Specialized.

and as soon as the team that worked on this is rested from the launch, I expect to have more data and I hope a test ride.


This looks like a fun e-bike, but the price is just too high.  I have seen other e-bikes, not a sleek, that charge in 2-3 hours, run for 30 miles or so at 20 mph and those cost less that $1,000.00.  So prettier bike and 8 more mph for 7 grand?  Seems a bit steep.

Feels like they’re trying out the e-bike market by entering at the high end, which to be fair isn’t that far-fetched an idea.  At that price point you’re attracting buyers more willing to pay a higher price for the latest cool new shiny thing.  I haven’t shopped seriously for an ebike before, but the ones I’ve stumbled across in the past don’t hold a candle to this bike; I might be willing to add one to the stable.  I travel to Germany quite often for work, methinks a test ride is in order…


I’ll remove that 1 for you, but thought you may like being #1!

@paul, the same thing happened when they released the Sirrus, the bike we think this is based on—we were all like, whoa, cool and typical reaction, “I can get that for $400.” In Germany where the bike was targeted, the perceived value is much higher. To me, as a pundit that’s railed on e-bikes for being not cool and basically the same bike that Lee Iacocca tried to sell us, this is what I’ve talked about. Pricing and Europe-only market, what other company in this industry throws a bike down like this? It’s like the Venge and Trek showed the Phase concept a few years ago that was never intended to do anything more than impress the media.

Creating jaw-dropping product and at a premium price is a smart retail strategy to then trickle then down into other models and test the market. As I said in other channels, I don’t get the American bikes are cheap mentality at all. Never have and think it’s cause 20 years ago all the good shit was imported by small guys who were trying to move it by giving racers “bro” deals. It was the reps that have a case of tires or some hot Colnago and somehow that “get a deal” or price it like a toy stuck with us. Contrary to popular opinion, all bikes and reviews of them don’t have to to stop at some, 2nd-rate, shit Surly with low-end parts as what a bike is in the US.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em this bike is the essence of who Specialized is. While Burke is counting numbers in a spreadsheet wishing Lance was still racing road, Sinyard is slamming his hand on the table and insisting his team make the best bike possible.

I think just to clarify my point on this. 
It is obvious that Specialized spent the time in R&D.  There are some nice features bundeled on this product.The product is indeed ‘jaw dropping’. Unless I missed something at the product release site though, nothing is entirely new technology, just a bit better and in a new package.

But as a way to test the e-bike market?  Sorry I don’t see the value at that price.  I certinly can’t afford that price, without a loan, and most of the folks I ride with can’t afford that either.

I think we all want to see e-bikes mature, something more than a battery and a hub forced onto an existing model.

I just have never subscribed to the, it is prettier and more expensive so it must be better mindset for any product.  I would like to see prices actually reflect the value of a product.


Absolutely valid point…I don’t have any specific information related to their marketing and retail, other than they got this out, made headlines and I’d expect them to sell out the first run and then figure out next steps. Honestly, even at a price palpable to a US market, it still may not sell here. There’s a boneyard of bikes and companies that have tried.

Also, if it wasn’t clear, my enthusiasm for the bike is more about a company with the balls to release something like this. The practicality of the bike is another topic and sure you can find an Ohm or something else for a better value or just price alone or even specs, but see this bike isn’t about that. It’s the same marketing strategy of a Venge or a sports car or motorcycle. Make something people want, no matter the price.

Yeah, definatly agree on that last point.  Looking forward to seeing something stylish at a better price.  Maybe this will get the ball rolling.

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