Specialized Fatboy Follow Up: The Tires


Sexy isn’t a word attached to Fatbikes yet…

That Specialized is making a tire for fatbikes is likely bigger than the Fatboy itself. The tires will probably revolutionize the Fatbike niche in the industry. Guitar Ted and I have been chatting about this and he agrees. See his take on a post from Twenty Nine Inches. Also interesting that the Fatboy has clearances for 5.8” tires with a 190mm spaced rear and a racing bike geometry. That’s the do anything fun part I experienced riding it, and again, what I called for in my Fatbike ride for Wired.

To the tires, I asked Spesh for more details and they replied with this slide from the launch presentation and bullets

Fatboy Tire

Fatboy Tire

  • Size: 26x4.8”
  • Tread: Based on our Ground Control tread for a good intermediate tread pattern. This is the only tire/tread we’re offering in this initial intro into the market, so we wanted a solid all-around tire that would work well in a variety of terrain/conditions.
  • TPI: 120tpi
  • Bead: Kevlar folding bead
  • Weight: TBD
  • Price: TBD
  • Aftermarket availability: Yes, but delivery date to shops is TBD as well
  • Tube: Our own Presta valve tube design, also available aftermarket

Ya think that fork is stiff?

Ya think that’s stiff, perhaps?

More photos of the Fatboy are on G+ and Flickr. Video of the ride on YouTube.


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