Soon to be seen on a Fixie rider near you - Tight/Baggy Jeans


Wow. I’m not sure anything I can write can help with this one.


These are breeches! horse riding breeches ghetto style!!

Such as this fine gentleman is styling!

Oh my. How can I un-see that?

On a more practical note, the pocket flap for a u-lock is a nice touch, but I can’t imagine that it’s easy swinging a leg over a bike (or pedaling, for that matter) with the knee-level crotch. I wonder if mixte frames will be the “Next Big Thing”.

You do know it’s MAY first, Right?

Um… yeah… there’s not… really… much that can be said about that…

Well, utility kilts didn’t catch on with the hipsters, so that may work. You could sew a pad right into those, I bet.

What body type would possibly need suspenders with pants like that?

That is both freaky and fabulous at the same time. I can see the baggy part catching on the saddle nose as the cyclist stands to go and *kerplop* right in the middle of an intersection.

heelarious contrast, btw if you see the short shorts ad on this page: stupid suspender baggy/tight pants and cute girl in short shorts.


What’s with the fixed gear dig?  I don’t get it :)

Fixed gear associated with hipsters and could imagine a fashion tragedy with no brakes; I think the part of the pant where it gets baggy would catch the seat, then the suspenders, in the cranks, and no top tube padding is gonna save your gonads.

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